Graphite on paper

9” X 12”

Following the path of many of today’s contemporary Western Artists, Chris Calle enjoyed a successful career as an illustrator.  The son of Western Artist Paul Calle, Chris grew up around the world of Western Art, often travelling with his father on research trips throughout the American West.  From a young age these experiences formed the basis of his deep interest in the history of the American West and his desire to one day document them in pencil and paint.  Painting and sketching with his father has always been an inspirational part of his creative process.  Today the two Calle’s share a studio together, minutes from the final studio and home of Frederic Remington.

“My intention is to explore through my artwork, the vast history of the American West ~ from the uncharted mountain streams and paths traversed by the mountain men in search of beaver to the lives of the Native Americans of the plains”.

Calle’s engaging portraits of the rugged men of the mountains and the proud Indian tell the story of their lives ~ the story of the American West.